Betty's Fish and Chips Santa Rosa, California

History of Betty's

In 1967 the S.S. Betty sailed for the shores of Bodega Bay. It was a fine voyage and we settled in at Santa Rosa. We opened our doors & cooked our first “English Style” Fish & Chips. The Yanks loved it. For over 50 years now Betty’s Fish N’ Chips have been serving the same delicious Icelandic Cod.

In 1996, Susan, Brian & Lori bought “Betty’s” and took pity on the old girl. As time had passed she was in great need of a face lift! So we remodeled, decorated, making her bright & alive again! To keep up with the times Betty’s Fish N’ Chips added more choices but definitely held tight to the tradition. Recipes that go back to her Majesty’s time and still kept secret to this very day.

Betty’s Fish N’ Chips’ sauces are all homemade as well as our dressings. There’s a baker amongst us who makes all our desserts early every morning. All from scratch and most irresistible! The Queen couldn’t say no to our Lemon Cloud Pie or Fruit Pies, nor should you. Don’t forget to take home some of the Biscotti, the very Best!

Betty’s Fish N’ Chips have the utmost love for canines! Bring your dog to join you in our outdoor dining area. Free water and cookie!

So, now you know the history of Betty’s. There aren’t many who can claim their fame for over 50 years! But thanks to you, our loyal subjects, Betty’s Fish N’ Chips can! Here’s to another 50!